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Instructor-Led Online Selenium Certification Training
TOOLSQA’s Selenium Certification will help you in mastering the various concepts of Selenium from scratch.
This Selenium Certification will help you master important concepts such as Selenium Commands, XPath Strategies, Waits, IFrames, Alerts, Windows in Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Log4J, Apache POI, Framework Designing and so on. This Selenium Certification is also a gateway towards your Automation testing career. The course has been curated by industry experts.
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Selenium Certification – Curriculum
Selenium 4 Course
Module 1
Java Introduction

In this module, you will learn about the basic concepts of JAVA programming. Selenium Webdriver is a tool which can be used only with the programming language, which makes it very necessary for an individual to learn Java Programming language. Sound scary! Don’t worry, this is why we have designed this course such a way that first we teach you Java and once you get comfortable with it, we will move forward with Selenium WebDriver.

Module 2
Selenium WebDriver - Basics

In this module, you will start learning about the Selenium WebDriver.

Excited! By the end of this module, you will start using the Selenium and automating websites in your project. This module will cover all the basic element interactions, Browser commands, Navigation commands, operations on Checkbox or radio buttons and handling of Alerts.

You will also learn about XPath. XPath is designed to allow the navigation of XML documents, with the purpose of selecting individual elements, attributes, or some other part of an XML document for specific processing.

Module 3
Selenium WebDriver - Intermediate

At times the element is a bit tricky to locate on a webpage. To master the technique it is very much necessary to learn effective ways to find webelments. Here we cover the different Element Locator Dev tools which will make your life easy in automation testing.

There are also few operations which are tricky to perform in Selenium like mouse double click or Drag & Drop. We will learn the use of Actions class to perform different actions.

Module 4
Selenium & Java Advance

This module will be very exciting. Here we will learn about Waits in Selenium. Waits are used to hold the web application for a few seconds/minutes/hours. When web applications navigate from Page A to Page B then Selenium should wait till the browser loads Page B completely.

Along with waits, we will also learn to Handle multiple windows and Alerts.

Framework Designing – Live Project
Module 5
Module 5 - TestNG Framework

In this module, you will learn about TestNG. TestNG is an open-source testing framework that provides more flexible and powerful tests with the help of Annotations, Grouping, Sequencing, and Parametering. In TestNG, HTML reports can be produced, Parallel testing can be performed, Test cases can be prioritized, and data Parametrization is possible. You will also learn about Cross Browser Testing to enable you to work with different browsers.

Module 6
Java OOPs Concepts

With this, we will also develop our understanding on Java Advance topics like Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Inheritance.

Module 7
Framework (POM, Data Driven and Factory Design Pattern)

In this module, you will learn about the Page Object Model and Page Factory. It is a design pattern that is used to create an Object Repository for Web UI Elements. Page Object Model includes Page classes, which finds the Web Elements of that Web Page and contains Page Methods that perform operations on those Web Elements. Page Factory is an optimized way to create Object Repository.

TData-Driven is also the most basic requirement when it comes to Automation. This module also covers the same with the help of the Apache POI library..

Not just this, you will also learn to make use of Factory Design Pattern to read the Project Configurations.

Module 8
Framework (Logging, Reporting and Creating Utilities), Resume Preparation

The most important feature of testing is Reporting. Without reporting, there is not much sense of automation. This module will have all the details of reporting. You will be using the Log4J library to generate logs and Extent reports for publishing reports.

There are multiple utilities created in any framework. We will learn to create helper utilities like taking Screenshot etc.

Hands-On Selenium Online Assignment
Successful completion of Selenium certification with these assignments makes you more effective.
Live E-Commerce Project

Live examples and Live project help us to simulate real-time problems for our students. We have custom websites and webpages (shop.demoqa.com and demoqa.com) especially developed to teach key concepts required for a professional level understanding of Selenium Webdriver.

Home Assignments for Practice Automation

Live examples and Live project help us to simulate real-time problems for our students. We have custom websites and webpages (shop.demoqa.com and demoqa.com) especially developed to teach key concepts required for a professional level understanding of Selenium Webdriver.


We are also giving away the following session recordings so that you have an edge while climbing the success ladder:-

  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • Selenium Grid
Why Selenium certification?
Jobs Comparison
Manual Testing
Automation Testing
Testing Roles Comparison
Automation Tools Comparison
Selenium WebDriver
Katalon Studio
Programming Language Comparison

Selenium WebDriver is a leading web testing tool in the QA industry. It is one of the most sought after skill. Selenium Webdriver jobs are on a rise and are highly paid and highly valued. The industry is shifting towards automation rapidly. With more and more applications becoming accessible through the browser it becomes very important to learn Selenium WebDriver.

This Selenium certification course is designed to teach in-depth concepts of Selenium 4 and Java. We focus on the basics first and then move towards the advanced concepts of Selenium, Java and framework development.

Live examples and Live project help us to simulate real-time problems for our students. We have custom websites and webpages (shop.demoqa.com and demoqa.com) especially developed to teach key concepts required for a professional level understanding of Selenium Webdriver.

Most of our students have been able to successfully switch from Manual to Automation testing after ToolsQA Selenium Certification and had approximately doubled their salaries. QA managers have become more proficient in handling Automation teams. Overall this course will help you progress in your career as a Software Test Engineer.

Please take a look at the Selenium Certification Course details and timings below.

Selenium Course FAQs
Who should take up this course?

This selenium certification can be taken by:

  • Test lead
  • Test Analyst
  • Test Engineers
  • Test Managers
  • Software Developers
  • QA Engineers
I have basic knowledge of programming; can I learn Selenium?

Majority of our participants are beginners or have very basic knowledge of programming so we designed our course in such a way that it caters to requirements of all participants irrespective of the fact whether you are at beginner level or at an intermediate level.

If you refer to our Selenium Curriculum, our initial classes primarily focused on Java concepts which are very useful for people who are relatively new to the world of programming while it acts as a good refresher for rest of the participants.

Why learn online?
  • Attend from anywhere
  • Best trainers
  • Class recordings
  • Lifetime updates
  • No traveling
Why should I take up this course from ToolsQA only?

We are pioneers in providing Selenium certification. We trained more than 10,000 professionals in the last 5+ years. You may also like to go through the testimonials of our students who vouch for our expertise in Selenium Certification training.

We keep our content up-to-date with the latest market trends. Our training is accompanied by assignments as well as hands-on experience on a live project which ensures that you will work more as Selenium professional rather than a newbie to the world of Selenium.

Who delivers the training?

All our TOOLSQA’s trainers are certified, highly qualified, carry the experience of 14+ years and works with an objective to create an awesome experience for all our participants.

Can I attend demo class without paying any registration fees?

ToolsQA’s Selenium Certification is highly anticipated by the QA community. We always receive an overwhelming response for our training so, in order to keep the number of students in check for a given batch as well as to avoid any logistical/operational challenges, we charge nominal fees towards registration.

What is 14 days look out period?

It allows you to attend the initial 4 classes of Selenium Certification by just paying registration fees. Just in case, this course doesn’t live up to your expectations (which we believe will never ever be the case), you can drop us an email within 14 days of commencement of the course and we will refund you the amount which has been charged from you.

We charge the rest of the fees after 4 classes only, isn’t it a great deal?

Am I going to watch pre-recorded videos or is this going to be a live training?

All our classes are live, interactive and very engaging. During the class, you can participate in discussions as well as ask questions from the instructor. We provide access to recorded videos so just in case you would like to revisit certain concepts after course completion, you can refer to it.

What if I miss a Selenium certification class?

You have two options available with you-

  • You can refer to the recorded session of the class which is available in your LMS
  • You can attend the missed session in any other live class
Why am I required to work on project?

To strengthen the concepts which you learned during the class along with its practical implementation.

What project will I be working on?

You are going to work on a fully loaded E-Commerce website (Shop.DemoQA.com) where every individual develops the Framework from scratch. You will write tests based on given sets of requirements using TestNg, Log4J, ApachePOI, Jenkins, Maven, JSON and Page Object Model

What payment options are available?

You can use the below options to make payment.

  • For Indian nationals – Debit Card, Transfer
  • For foreign nationals – Paypal

We will share the receipt with you after payment has been made.

Are there any group discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts for group/corporate bookings. Please drop an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Number of bookings required
I have more queries regarding Selenium certification, how should I contact you?

You can drop us an email at [email protected].

Checkout what our Students say about us!
Raveesh Seghei Jeremy
Vitali Amit Sweta Vijay
Linh Andrew Mihai
Raveesh Rai – India (Exp- 8Yrs)
It was an excellent training. The trainer had very in-depth knowledge and was able to handle any of the questions asked spontaneously at point of time during the complete training course. In depth coverage of Framework Design. And Yes, I am still learning to implement the framework by learning through the videos.
Serghei Mardar – Canada (Exp- 3Yrs)
I am Completely satisfied with the training provided by ToolsQA. This course allowed me to learn Selenium Webdriver from scratch. I am comfortable in building framework using Data Access, Logger, Page Object Model, TestNG Tests.
Jeremy T Springfield – USA (Exp -2Yrs)
This class has been a great foundation in Selenium concepts. It has prepared me well for our companies roll out of automated testing. The time delay aspect. I have yet to be able to attend a class live, but with all the resources available online(Videos, PPT, Code, Practice Exercises), I feel like I haven’t missed a beat!
Vitali Dambajev – Estonia (Exp – 7Yrs)
Excellent. I feel more confident now. I was always hesitant to take online classes as I heard that they are more basic level. But Sandeep’s class is really good and it is very practical. Its a well organised training and I am confident enough to create automation framework in selenium.
Amit Mathur – USA (Exp -12Yrs)
For me it was excellent exposure to the automation testing technology, I was very impressed by the set curriculum and the teaching method, sessions are very well laid out and meet the right needs for candidates with less to no knowledge, which gives a great opportunity for any one to learn it from bare bones knowledge. It gave me huge learning and it was exceeding my expectation.
Sweta Kanyal – IND (Exp 5+ Yrs)
I am quite confident on writing automation frameworks and have better understanding of JAVA ,TestNG and POM. I like the way the course is structured and taught us. I can design frameworks now by my own. I can automate any web based application and write POM and framework for the same.
Vijai Kotehal – USA (Exp 8Yrs)
The experience was amazing. Very detail explanation of concepts. Fundamentals were made to understand clearly and assignments given after every class which made me clear in understanding concepts. I am fresher in automation area can able to build framework based on the assignment given and the classes undergone.
Linh Tran – US (Exp 15 Yrs)
The program was absolutely amazing. I liked every session which gave by my instructor, Lakshay Sharma. .He has a solid knowledge about Selenium which help student able to build the framework by ourself. He encouraged everyone to ask any question whenever a topic is not clear and patiently to answer them until student get it
Andrew Tilston – UK (Exp 14 Yrs)

I can highly recommend Lakshay, both as a teacher and as a person. When I did my research a few months back with regards to the best tool to use to assist me with test automation in Selenium, it was Lakshay’s ToolsQA website that stood out to me, as I liked the way it explained things right from the beginning in a format that was easy to follow.

I then joined up for the online courses which I am gradually working my way through and have found them to be superb. Not only can I go back and view the courses, but Lakshay sets code assignments which allowed me to “get my hands dirty” and get coding.

Furthermore, whenever I have needed any advice or had any questions I’ve been able to go to Lakshay and every single time he has been happy to help.

So…..yes, I would highly recommend Lakshay and his ToolsQA website as a must have learning to for Selenium.

Mihai Sarlea – Romania (Exp 8 Yrs)

TI’d like to recommend Lakshay’s excellent work in putting together the ToolsQA’s course on Selenium.

Although I’m well past beginner level, I learnt a lot of useful info during the almost 2 months of relaxed and well-distilled web training and, after boiling it all down on my side, added a bunch of neat new methods / functions to my framework.

There’s been a lot work put into the ToolsQA initiative and I feel like my money was well spent.

I’d recommend Lakshay both as a teacher and (a safe assumption) professionally any time!