Git Tutorial for Beginners 

Git Tutorial



Introduction to Git

Git is a version control system designed to manage the teamwork done on a project. Git helps the contributors to track the changes on files or projects and speed up the overall process.






Git Installation

The most popular version control system gives you a choice to work as you like. Through different clients (shell or GUI), Git offers easy installation and startup.








Quick Start with Git Repository

Initiating your first steps on Git is very easy. The groundwork has to be done before actually working on the project. Although Git Help is always there to the rescue, Git repository helps to save all your files of the projects at a single location.





Stage and Commit Changes

Git does not work randomly. It has some defined process. Adding your changes to Git helps Git save these changes to the staging area and identify what needs to be committed with the help of clean commit messages.





Inspecting & Tracking Changes

Git is not a single entity. It is made up of many elements which define the power of Git. Each of these elements will help in using Git efficiently and explore its inner depths.





Interacting with GitHub

GitHub helps fellow developers connect with the whole world. Git and GitHub become a super duo to turn ideas to reality. To produce the full effect of this duo, they need to work together. This section covers how Git and GitHub work with each other in an amazing way.



Branches in Git

Branches are the essence of Git. Its efficiency makes it stand apart from other version control systems. Branches help us develop features without affecting the entire code. Branches are the main powerhouse of Git. Play around with branches in the most simple ways.




Git Tutorial for Beginners 


Let’s first understand What is Git? Why it is required? Who should take this course? What are the benefits of learning Git, especially for an Automation tester?


What is Git?

Since its inception in 2005, Git has emerged as the most popular version control system around the globe. Git was developed by Linus Torvalds and has taken most of the developer’s trust to develop their projects. I find two cases that you have stumbled upon this Git Course. One being you knew you want to learn Git and have intentionally opened the course or are just trying to get an overview of Git and analyze if it is worth it. Whatever may be the reason, Git is always a better arrow in your quiver. I will try to brief you about the Git and this Git Course before you decide whether to go for it.


Do you need a reason to learn Git? – Git Tutorial

Git is a version control system. A version control system helps you record the changes that were made in your software. This helps you recall any change at any time and analyze it. Git is very helpful when you are working on a big project and all the developers are located in different geographical locations. Git helps you save code conflicts. There are many reasons to use Git and many you will find yourself once you start working on it. Git helps you provide a stable code base and keep all of your previous versions safe. You can go back and bring on the same code version. You can also use the same code for another project because the code base is the same up to a particular version in a company.


Should you take a dive in the Git Pool? – Git Tutorial

You must be wondering how will this git tutorial help you? Let me ask you. Are you a developer? Are you a tester? Git is your upgrade skill. It comes handy to you as an automation tester. As you always need to maintain and test the code versions or recent changes. Git will help you out on this. Once an error occurs in the automation tests, you need to know the version in which the error occurred before releasing to the production environment. You can make use of GitHub to integrate and test the versions of the code in Jenkins.

Did I tell you about GitHub? GitHub is built to help you create and save copies of codes and project. As an automation tester, uploading your scripts to GitHub and maintaining the test code from there is something only an automation tester can understand. The easiness it brings to your life is unparallel. If you are into development, believe me, there is no escape from Git. The number of projects and companies using Git is so high that Git can become the ice breaking factor when you present yourself in these companies.


Give your resume wings to fly with Git – Git Tutorial

A simple line that mentions Git in your resume is worth more than what you can imagine. Even if it is not needed now for the job post you are searching, there is no hiding from the fact that you will need to learn Git once in your life to climb the ladder of success. This course is structured to give you a hands-on experience of this beautiful software. You must be wondering that you might need some pre-requisites of heavy software or programming knowledge. Well, let me shed off that baggage off your shoulders. You do not need any pre-requisites for this software. You can even go ahead if you are not from the technical field. We have structured this course from the basics that anyone can understand and gradually increase the complexity. From simple Git Init command to branching and merging, everything will be structured according to your convenience. It will give you a great boost and confidence.


Now, If I am able to conveince you for this Git Course, give a few chapters a try and you will find out. Go ahead and become a git guru.

Git Tutorial