Hi this is Goutham Kumar well versed in automation on Mobile, Web and Desktop applications. Passionate to gain and share knowledge. Always trying to solve complex and logical challenges in projects. Have knowledge on UFT, Selenium, Appium, SeeTest, Jmeter, Java, VbScript, PHP and SQL. Holds an experience of 2.4 Years with software testing company in Chennai. Looking forward to gain more knowledge on API, API Automation, Database testing and BDD.


Appium Test using TestNG

AppiumWhat is Appium?Set Up AppiumInstall the Java Development Kit (JDK)Set Up Java Environment Variable PathInstall Android SDK / ADB on WindowsInstall Android SDK PackagesSet up Android Environment VariableDownload and Install NodeJsInstall Microsoft .net FrameworkDownload And Install Appium Desktop ClientEnabling Developer Mode Options on Android Phone or TabletInstall PdaNet to Connect with Android DeviceInstall Eclipse IDE…