I recently started working on this website from Jan’14 with an intention to make Selenium learning easy and simple. Few years back when I started learning Selenium I used to hop around thousands of Selenium blogs and forums to learn stuff. Since then I always wanted to create a site which will be one stop learning experience for Selenium. Fortunately I have some time now to act on my vision with my team. I am an automation tester but when I started my career in QA I started with manual testing. I gave my few years to QTP and then shifted my interest to Selenium, as not every project have budget to afford QTP. Although QTP is still my favourite but being in Consultancy Company I often get chance to work on it. When I started with Selenium I did not know the J of Java and E of Eclipse. I faced a lot of issues to understand the Selenium scripts and to debug those scripts in Eclipse. Most of the sites directly jump in to the complex java code to solve the problems, which frankly speaking I never understood and made me scared of Selenium Webdriver. In this website I will try to give as much detail I can. I will make sure that you will not face the issues and difficulties during your leaning process the way I faced. I do not wanted it to be a blogging site rather I want it to be a step by step learning site. I hope the way content is presented to the readers is helpful to understand the Selenium easily. As I have gone through the same phase I know where to start and how to start. If you like the content and if it helps you to develop your skills then please do not forget to like it and share it. Please help me to drive this vision and make this website a successful Selenium Learning Site out of thousands of other who may charge you for your learning of a free tool. Please do share your experiences and your feedback that will help me in improving the content and also meet the expectations of the readers.

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Lakshay Sharma


Have passed 12 years playing with automation in mammoth projects like O2 (UK), Sprint (US), TD Bank (CA), Canadian Tire (CA), NHS (UK) & ASOS(UK). Currently I am working with KNAB bank as SDET.

I am passionate about designing Automation Frameworks that follows OOPS concepts and Design patterns. For automation, my weapons are Selenium(Java & C#), Appium, REST-Sharp, REST-Assured, Cucumber, Specflow, etc.

I live in Amsterdam(NL), with my wife and a lovely daughter. Please connect with me at LinkedIn or follow me on Instagram.

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As per me anybody can become a Masters in Automation Testing. What all need is right guidance, right efforts in right direction. This is no rocket science. I have thought a lot on the issue why people cannot become expert in Automation. The answer I have found is if you gonna cut your vegetables without sharpen your knife, it would take a lots of extra time. So you need to sharpen your knife first by strengthening your fundamentals which is everybody’s cup of tea who has interest in Automation. Entering Automation with strong basics leads to startling results which we cannot even think of.


Software Testing - 10 years
Automation - 7 years
Selenium - 4 years
QTP - 2 years
Automation Consulting - 5 year

Virender Singh (Partner/Trainer)

VirenderI am Virender Singh and I am a software test engineer. I have total experience of little more than eight years. I have worked on variety of test automation projects and development projects. I have keen interest in test automation primarily because of wide range of challenging problems inhertied to this field. Talking about test tools I have worked on QTP, Selenium, JMeter, Self developed and off the shelf WebServices tools like SOAP UI and a few more from the same genre. I also love to learn new technologies, current skill set include C++/CLR, C#.net and VB.net. With a fair amount of understanding I also know Java, JavaScript and PHP. I live in Hyderabad and work for a technology giant here. Apart from the proffesional front I appreciate Digital signal processing, Robotics and beauty of beer.